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Dental Implants—often better than your original teeth!
Replace a single tooth or smile with a full set of new teeth.

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We provide a practice location for all dental implant needs.

We can undertake dental implant work as simple as a single missing tooth to the replacement of a full jaw of teeth with dental implants.

Coastal Dental Implants also has the facilities to look after all your needs from the consult and scans, to implant surgery and the crowns or dentures on top. Dr Peter Jorgensen has been doing implant work for the last 20 years here on the Sunshine Coast and has extensive experience in all facets of dental implant treatment. Dr Andrew Robinson has joined us having done further study in oral surgery and dental implants. We are also happy to work in conjunction with your regular dentist to help give you the best outcome.

We can help people who have just a single missing tooth, whether it be front or back, top or bottom; as well as those with a few teeth missing. We also can help those with denture troubles or people wanting to get rid of their dentures all together.

If you think you might need dental implants please make an appointment for a consultation, so we can discuss your particular case and your particular needs.

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