What are dental implants?

Dental implants in the simplest term are frames or posts that are positioned inside your jaw. They work as a frame for false teeth or dentures to be put in.

This stable support for new teeth means that they will stay in the position they were intended to and won’t affect any of the natural teeth.

There are two types of popular implants with these being endosteal and subperiosteal. You would need to consult the expertise of your local dental professional in order to see if dental implants are a viable option to consider if you’re missing teeth either through them having fallen out during an accident or them having to be removed due to decay.

However dental implants aren’t your only option if you find yourself needing to replace lost teeth and today we’re going to look at some of the other options that are available to you. 

Are there Alternatives?

Dental implants are sometimes very costly options to pursue so there are alternatives should you need dentures.

The first alternative is what is called a partial denture which is probably the quickest solution but can be uncomfortable, become loose and you also have to remove your partial dentures before eating which can knock your confidence. There are also things called bridges which as the name suggests bridges the gap between natural teeth.

The first bridge option is called a stick-on bridge which clips onto the natural teeth and requires a natural tooth to be either side of the absent tooth where the denture will be going. 

There is also what is called a fixed bridge that will actually cut into the neighbouring natural teeth in order to make room for the bridge to be inserted and will have to be replaced every dozen years or so.

Your last alternative to getting dental implants is actually just to do nothing and leave the gap there. However this has two downsides, firstly there is the cosmetic and confidence aspects.

The other thing to consider is that with the absence of the tooth the other teeth are likely to start moving out of position and this can affect your day to day activities like eating. 

How to get in touch

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