No one is likely to argue against the fact that Dental Implants represent a substantial investment in your own appearance both emotionally and financially.

It makes a great deal of sense, therefore, that after making such an investment in yourself you will want to ensure that they are being properly looked after.

A dental hygienist is likely to be the best practitioner to turn to when seeking such advice and in the following article, we take some of their suggestions on board.

Visual Inspection

Here at Coastal Dental Implants, we know that when it comes to helping yourself one of the easiest things you can do is take a look in the mirror to ensure that your new implants are looking good.

Nice pink gums without any signs of infection and a layer of sealed (keratinised) tissue are all good signs that everything is coming along as it should.

Thorough cleaning and flossing

It almost goes without mention that your new Dental Implants should be meticulously cleaned especially at the gum line.

A soft toothbrush should be used and there is no evidence to suggest that electric toothbrushes are in any way superior for the task.

Rather, the methodology used and adhering to a strict twice daily routine should be emphasised.

More on flossing and Dental Implants

Those things like tiny wire pipe cleaners (interproximal brushes) work really well as they are slightly barbed.

They are so much better at removing debris than simply flossing with tape.

That said, it isn’t always so easy to manipulate them at the back of the mouth and it is always worth going around with dental floss too.

Go gentle on those gums

The un-waxed dental tape and those specifically designed for use with Dental Implants are your best option as they are gentler on the tissue around the implants.

With multiple Dental Implants (full fixed retained prostheses) the specialised floss used in conjunction with a floss threader is the way to go.

Using a “wrap around” and crossover technique with the floss will ensure that you don’t miss anything.

While it may seem a little more involved it will pay dividends in the long term.

Going for the gold standard

If you really want to get on top of your oral hygiene and take extra special care of your implants you might want to read on.

Research has shown that use-at-home powered water-flossers are over 80% better at reducing gum bleeding when compared with regular flossing.

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